The Just North program addresses volatile substance use (VSU) and supports youth workers and other professionals working with young people in Far North Queensland.

If you're a professional who works with young people in Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands you can find us on Facebook.


VSU refers to deliberate inhalation of common household and chemical products for the purpose of intoxication. Just North aims to reduce access and supply of volatile substances in Far North Queensland.

Just North can provide education in relation to the storage, sale and use of inhalable products. The program can assist in developing a response plan and monitor trends with a regional use register.

If you witness any issues of inhalant use in the region please contact YETI between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. The easiest way to report is using our VSU incident report form



Just North works to build capacity by supporting youth workers in Far North Queensland to:

  • Create new networks
  • Build on learning and develop new skills and knowledge
  • Develop new service delivery models
  • Seek funding or explore different ways of using existing funding
  • Improve the way we work together to deliver services to young people

If you are a youth worker or work with young people in another capacity i.e. school, sport & recreation, health, emotional & social wellbeing, disability etc. and you would like to learn more about working better together to improve young people's future please contact YETI.